Thursday, September 29, 2011

what i want...a change?

Just want a break to think and bring change. ya, change of perceptions toward life ...
it seems most important thing bring this change have to take a pause for a while and then go for change..
weird it does not happen like is continuity n u have to change yourself in flow of it..difficult but let me try...let me write down for record....try starts now..the game begines now

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why we don't live own life??

some questions are keep coming and we keep avoiding them.. one of the question "Why we don't live own life??" ever think or ponder over this.. since we are born we live other's life.. first we live the live of Son or daughter.. or brother or sister..then of Husband or Wife and then of Father or Mother..we lost ourself living these characters.. and forget our very own identity..
is life like that? thinking....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mind on driving seat, taking Heart for a ride

Mind Vs. Heart... this battle will continue no matter we realise its existence or not... Heart is very innocent.. he does not know or does not follow man made rules or ethics.. it does what it wants, gives you immense pleasure, happiness and joy but can put you in trouble as well because in this world, mind rules..
Mind is calculative.. it calculates profit and loss.. it follows all rules of this world. it is full of pride and ego.. it is differentiate... right and wrong.. ethical or it never gives you happiness.. it gives you false sense of satisfaction and pride that u r doing right..
Heart gives happiness to others as well not only to you, provided it is on driving seat for both the person..
I was happy till my mind took the driving seat... i wish my heart wins always and shower happiness to me and to other as well..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Accept your sexuality, say yes to it

The following are the excerpt from one of osho writings.. good one.. and very true...
Most of the time we keep repressing our desires and sexuality and it get accumulated inside and never get repressed...take your time and read..

"The first thing is to accept your longing. Don't reject it, don't deny it, don't repress it. It is because of repression that it continues; in your youth you must have repressed it too much.

The older you grow, the more embarrassing it will become, but the more persistent it will be. Twenty-four hours of your day will become obsessed with sex. And this is what has been done to you by your society: the society has created a kind of split in you, you have become divided from your own nature.

Even now it is not too late. Don't be worried and don't feel embarrassed. Why? If God has given you sex and the longing for it then it is perfectly right, it is divine. YOU have not created it -- why do YOU feel embarrassed? It is instinctive.

Accept your sexuality, say yes to it -- because only by saying yes to it is there a possibility of going beyond it. Yes is the stepping-stone. Without yes you cannot reach the other shore; the yes becomes the boat. But my feeling is that you are still saying no. Be less of a Hindu or christian, be less of a fanatic, be less of an idealist. Be a little more realistic.
gather courage! Don't feel embarrassed. At least deep down accept it, even though you may not be able to move into a sexual relationship. The very acceptance -- total, I mean, less than that won't do -- if you accept totally, even that very acceptance will heal the wound. There may be no need to actually move into a sexual relationship. That may be even dangerous; that may create more problems for you than it will solve.
Drop condemning it -- respect your nature.

And my own observation is, the moment you accept something totally, the very acceptance brings a revolution, a radical change. It is your energy -- accept it. It will make you stronger. Reject it, it keeps you weak. Fighting with your own energy is dissipating it. And fighting with your sex will take so much of your time and so much of your energy -- then when are you going to look at God who is knocking on your door?

Stop fighting, stop fighting absolutely. Start respecting. Drop condemnation. Nothing is sin -- not sex at least. It is a natural phenomenon. If people are allowed to live it naturally, then at the age of fourteen they will become flooded with it. But in an unnatural society they will be flooded before their time.

In a natural society, children will become sexually overflooded at fourteen -- a beautiful energy -- and by the time they are forty-two the energy will disappear suddenly, as it appeared at the age of fourteen. If a person lives naturally, without the interference of the priests.... Priests who are against sex or priests who are for sex -- avoid both! If a man lives naturally, then between fourteen and forty-two his sex energy will give him tremendous joy, great experience of ecstasy, first glimpses of God and samadhi. And by the time it disappears it will leave you ripe, mature, centered, rooted.

Right now you can do only one thing: accept it totally, absorb it. It is not too late, although the sun is setting. If you can come home, if you can become natural and spontaneous about yourself, authentic, true, at least to yourself, you will be able to face God with a smile on your face. You will be able to enter death dancing, singing.

And a death that can be welcomed with dance and song is not death at all. It becomes the door to the deathless, it leads you into immortality.
Enough for today."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

From Chauffeur drivan car to Herd of cattles

so long have'nt wrote anything.. suddenly thought came to the mind.. life has come so far, never realised.. so fast.. five years back my usual mode of transport to got to office, which was barely less than a km. away was a car with the driver, he used to horn just five minutes b4 factory starts and i always used to reach office in time 5 minutes journey to office.
five years later.... journey time to office has increased to more than hour.. change of buses in between and some time i have to run and cross the over bridge to catch the bus , in the bus during peak hour, we travel like herd of cattle's,fully packed and if u need to take deep breathe in n out , u have to wait for someone to move a bit so that they don't feel uncomfortable with ur warm breath
just recall, five year back i complaint for stuffiness and scolded my driver for not replacing car purifier for my 5 minutes journey to office.. life has come so far...never realised

Friday, February 27, 2009


There are many “why” unanswered in life and we just left them behind and think they will never surface. We even not bother to answer to our self but they chase us even after years…
Why did we mutually break up our relationship with my g.f??. is one of those “why”… we created “reasons” for breakup on assumptions…
It is like a solving Rubik puzzle… we keep trying to solve it and then we leave it unsolved, though from bottom of our heart we know that “solution” does exit… From bottom of our heart we know that there was answer to our “why” but we left it like unsolved puzzle. Hardest think in life is accepting truth.. We just create reasons that suits and satisfy our ego... we reason out every “why”
Hope some day I will find the answers to some of the “why” in life………

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Manila Visit

Hi folks, find some of the good shots taken at manila.. will try to write the post later, now just posting the pictures..


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